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Magnetic box,Magnetic Base Blocks

Magnetic V-Holder has magnetic force,which can be used for holding tools for round bar marking,drilling,tapping and grinding of irregular-shaped worpieces,and holding tools for various measuring systems. The Precision Non-Magnetic V-Block is widely used in metalworking or other fields such as optics. There’s a vast variety of models to suit your specific application needs, and one set contains two blocks. These non-magnetic blocks feature a precise angle for accurate measuring.

  • Name :: Magnetic box,Magnetic Base Blocks, Magnetic V Block, Micrometer Base, Magnetic Holders, Magnetic Bases Holder, Magnetic Chucks, Magnetic Induction Blocks
  • Types :: Magnetic box Magnetic Base Blocks
  • Brand :: open
  • Coating:: other
  • Magnetism direction:: other

MAGNETIC SQUARE box: MAGNETIC SQUARE & v-block1530334429701559.jpg

Magnetic box has its own unique advantages: the box body and the v-shaped slot have magnetic force, which can stabilize the box well to detect the workpiece, and it is very convenient to use.

Magnetic box is also called magnetic box, magnetic measuring table, magnetic box, magnetic box

Application of magnetic square box:

①Horizontal, vertical, inspection and marking of parts and components. Universal box is used for testing or marking any Angle line of precision parts.

②In any Angle line used for inspecting or marking precision workpieces, it is suitable for the fixation device of measuring and marking.

③ used for parts parallelism and perpendicularity inspection and line supporting artifacts, are generally of the same length cubes or cuboid, according to user requirements can be produced all kinds of specifications and contour box and rectangular tube.


Features of magnetic square box:

①The magnetic force is found on the upper surface, the two sides and the v-shaped surface, which solves the measurement of irregular workpieces.

②The manufacture of high precision, and V face Angle of two parts, same operating bento, v-shaped measuring Φ 20 mm in diameter.

Specifications and Models :

F-31 Cu100x100x100308
F-32 Cu150x150x1504525.5
F-33 Cu200x200x2005550
F-31-1 Al100x100x100307.5
F-32-2 Al150x150x1504022.5
F-33-3 Al200x200x2005042.5


Magnetic square box production:

Using methods and materials of magnetic square box, box with cast iron is similar, the difference is that the magnetic side at the bottom of the box part V groove and all with magnetic force, makes the workpiece to be measured can be firmly fixed on the side, easy to use.

Advantages of magnetic square box:

Advantages: V groove with magnetic force, easy to use.