Magnetic Rod

12000Gs Stainless Steel Magnet Rod Remove the iron filings Strong Ndfeb Rod

12000Gs Stainless Steel Magnet Rod Remove the iron filings Strong Ndfeb Rod magnetic bar

  • Name :: Magnetic Rod, 12000Gs magnetic rod, strong magnetic rod, iron magnetic Rod, Stainless Steel Magnetic Rod, Magnetic Bar
  • Types :: Magnetic Rod, Magnetic Bar
  • Brand :: OPEN
  • Coating:: Ni-Cu-Ni
  • Magnetism direction:: Axial

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The surface magnetic flux reaches 12000Gs, high-performance magnetic rod, which can be equipped with internal and external threads and can be installed arbitrarily.Length customizable

Product Description                                                                                                   

The magnetic bar is composed of inner magnetic core and outer cladding.A good magnetic rod should achieve uniform spatial distribution of magnetic induction line, and the maximum magnetic induction intensity point distribution should be filled with the whole magnetic rod as much as possible, because it is generally placed in the moving product transmission line, the surface of magnetic rod should be smooth with little resistance, free of harmful substances to the environment, so as to avoid contaminating materials and the environment.

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Product Standard                                                                                                     

Magnetic bar specification (19, 22, 25, 28, 32, 38...) The product is made of five delicate processes.Mainly used in the raw materials of iron sales;The actual surface magnetic field can reach about 6000 ~ 11000 gauss (our company's customized products can reach 12000Gs), and can also be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.Due to the use of extra-high coercivity magnetic king, with silica gel or argon arc welding seal, and the special scientific process.

上海磁铁 | 釹铁硼磁铁 | 钐鈷磁铁 | 磁性组件

Product Feature                                                                                                       

Super magnetic bar features: effective iron removal pole density, large contact area, super-magnetic force. In addition to iron containers, can be customized according to customer requirements processing.

All magnetic rod equipped with stainless steel protective cover, effective protection of magnetic rod not damaged.Easy and fast iron discharge;Pull the magnet and the ferromagnetic material attached to the magnet will separate and fall automatically.Continuous operation;The material can continue to work when discharging the iron layer by layer.