Flexible Magnets


Flexible Magnets


Flexible magnets are a class of composite materials created by blending ferrite magnetic powder with synthetic rubber or plastics (CPE or NBR). They can be broadly classified into two categories: isotropic and anisotropic. With a developmental legacy spanning more than three decades, flexible magnets have evolved into an environmentally friendly, lead-free material option.

One of the hallmark attributes of rubber magnets is their remarkable flexibility and resilience. They exhibit the unique capability to be effortlessly folded, twisted, or shaped without sustaining damage or experiencing a significant degradation in magnetic performance. Additionally, these magnets offer exceptional machinability, readily accommodating conventional manufacturing processes like drilling, punching, cutting, die-cutting, and more.

Magnetic Properties

Flexible Magnetic Sheets, Magnetic Strips & Labeling Magnets
Flexible magnets are low-cost extruded permanent magnets made by bonding a strontium magnetic powder in a flexible vinyl binder. Flexible magnetic sheets, magnetic strips and labeling magnets are easy to use and manipulate to your desired specifications. They can be cut with scissors or a knife, bent, twisted, coiled, printed on, silk-screened, decorated or labeled using permanent or erasable markers.

Flexible magnet material is extremely versatile and adheres to multiple items and surfaces. From commercial and automotive signage to warehouse labeling, flexible magnets are used for all types of industrial, commercial and consumer applications.


We offer flexible magnetic sheeting, magnetic strips and labeling magnets in a variety of finishes, sizes and shapes, sold in strip, sheet or roll forms. We can also custom slit, score and fabricate this material to your project’s specialty requirements, contact us today or send us a special request and let us know what you are looking for.

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